Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Once upon a duke by Eva Devon



What a Widow Wants:
Everything is going swimmingly for Kathryn Darrell. She's got an annuity of a hundred thousand a year, her lecherous-heart breaking husband has had the good graces to pop off, and best of all, she has her freedom-- Something she has every intention of revealing in to the fullest. And who better to revel with than Ryder Blake, the infamous Duke of Darkwell?
A Duke's Desire:
Ryder Blake, Duke of Darkwell, known as the Duke of Debauchery, is certain he will never love again. His heart lies buried with his wife and he has vowed to never give more than his body to a woman. But when Kathryn shows up on his doorstep, quite literally, demanding he show her the ways of London, he finds that his heart longs to love once again.

                                       My review

This story is positively the most scandalous historical romance ever. I absolutely loved it. For a historical romance it was fantastic you normally expect these to be a bit slow to get into and you find that the storyline drags at some bits but that really wasn't the case with this novel as soon as you pick the book up you cant seem to put it down. I read this book over 2 days and it really was worth the read . The main characters are fantastic and so different then what you expect out of this type of book. I absolutely loved the dukes and there antics. I wasn't sure what I thought of the main lead female Kate until I started to really read more about her. She is such a strong female lead and its Fantastic for that time era. Women were meant to be repressed and always obey the men. So this was such a freshing read. Its will worth the read . I for one can not wait until the next novel comes out.
This story follows Kate as she moves away from the country to London after the death of her husband , She is out to learn what real passion is and after reading the gossip in the papers she cant help but track down the Duke of Darkwell . She forces herself into the house the first time only to have things turn out like she isn't expecting . The story line follows her mission to get the duke with a lot of scandals along the way . The duke is still grieving the death of his beloved wife and this takes the story on a different path as they both try to work out what is happening with them , And where they both stand .

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