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Finger Bang by Jade C Jamison

Finger Bang excerpts


Excerpt #1


Rachel wasn’t waiting for anyone to keep up.  “I read an article on it earlier today, so then I Googled it.  Have any of you ever heard of tantric sex?”  Shannon nodded her head but Maddy said no.  Kaylee shook her head, but Rachel was already storming the castle.  “Well, the concept is similar.  It’s all Buddhist and higher level and stuff…but it’s fucking orgasms, you know?  I mean…that shit’s insane!  And to have someone doing it to you without expecting a blowjob in return?”  She laughed.  “I am so there.”


Maddy laughed along with her friend but then said, “Doesn’t that just make the person bringing it on an overpaid pretentious whore?”


“You would think so, but no.  They are totally serious about it.  You even keep your shirt on!  They say they want to remove the goal—you know, that you have to orgasm.  It’s more about the experience, focusing on the sensations.  And it’s fifteen minutes.  That’s it.  And then you talk about it.”


Shannon burst out laughing.  “You talk about it?  What?!  ‘Baby, was it good for you’?”


Rachel giggled.  “No.  Maybe.  I don’t know!”  The poor waiter handed Rachel her new drink and she donned a lustful smile.  The alcohol was definitely talking.  “Thank you so much.  I will be tracking you down later.  I want to stuff a tip down your pants.”


He smiled again, and Kaylee could see he was nervous.  She thought he must have imagined Rachel as a jaguar, and if she got anywhere near him on the open plain, she’d chase his ass, knock him down, and tear into his flesh.


Kaylee suspected Rachel just might consider it.  The girl got horny when she drank, and her lips got loose to boot, so her sex life (or want of one) was not a secret when she was imbibing.


Rachel said, “We are going to Boulder next week.  We have to do this.”


Kaylee felt the blood drain from her face.  No way.  No way in hell was she going to do something crazy like that.


“Oh, my God, yes!” Maddy said, her voice higher in pitch, close to a squeal.  Shannon was enthusiastic as well, her head pumping up and down with vigor.  The three women then turned to look at Kaylee.


She was going to have to say something.  Damn it.  She waved her hands in front of herself.  “Oh, no, girls.  That’s way out of my comfort zone.”


Rachel reached across the table, patting Kaylee’s hand.  “Exactly why you have to do it.”


Excerpt #2


Rachel leaned over the table and tipped her glass at Kaylee as though it were a pointer.  “I’ll loosen you up before you graduate if it’s the last thing I do.”  She sat back up and what little sobriety she’d seemed to possess just seconds ago had disappeared.  “In the meantime, Maddy, Shannon?  Come with me to the bar to fetch more drinks and we can iron out the details without making our prudish friend blush.”


Well, too late.  As the three women slid out of the booth, Kaylee felt just that—a mad red flush racing up her face, stinging her cheeks.  She hoped it wasn’t evident in the bar or maybe she could blame it on drinking, but Rachel had, with her few words, made Kaylee not only feel prudish but embarrassed.  And in front of all people…


Once the women were up, though, Blaze showed no inkling of having registered his sister’s last words.  Kaylee began to feel awkward then.  What the hell would she say to this super hot guy after a conversation like that?  She had decided to ask him how classes were going when he said, “I can’t blame you really.  I don’t think I could do that either.”  He grinned.  “Even though I find the idea intriguing.”  Kaylee felt her cheeks redden again, but she smiled before looking down at her glass once more.  “Not gonna pay for it, though.  Fuck that.”


Kaylee picked up her glass and sipped what little water was left in it, simply to have something to do.  Her alcohol glass was drained as well, both down to ice cubes.  She didn’t know what to say so she nodded her head and smiled.  She’d always found Blaze’s looks and charm intimidating, so she was feeling more than a little tongue-tied.  She didn’t want him to think she was a snooty bitch, though, so she said, “I agree.”


He rested his chin on his arms on the chair and said, “What’s the part that has you freaking out more?  The fact that it would be a stranger or that you’d be paying for it?”


His question helped her relax a little.  It felt like he was taking a practical approach and wanted to discuss the matter as two adults.  They weren’t actually talking about orgasms or…fingers and clits, for God’s sake.  So she took a deep breath and gave the matter a little thought.  It didn’t take long for her to say, “I think it’s that it’s a stranger.”  She didn’t know why she felt compelled to continue—especially with Blaze—but she did.  “Seriously.  It’s hard enough to relax and then you have someone you’ve never met before trying to make you feel good.  I can’t imagine.”  She smiled and rolled her eyes, hoping she appeared relaxed now, because she was far from it.


Blaze didn’t intend to help the matter at all.  “What if it was you and me?”


Had she heard him right?  And why the hell was her heart thudding in her chest?  She had a hard time sucking in a breath, but when she was able to, she asked, “What do you mean?”  Her voice was so low, she was surprised he could hear it.


“If I was the therapist.”  He sat up and used the index and middle fingers of both his hands to air quote his last word.  “You know…my sister, Maddy, and Shannon go to Boulder to have some stranger finger bang them, but what if someone you knew took care of you here?”

Her jaw didn’t drop to the table but she had lost all words.  She just wished she could figure out if Blaze was yanking her chain or making her the offer of a lifetime.


Excerpt #3


Kaylee squeezed her eyes closed and she could feel the anticipation build inside her, waiting for his finger to touch her.  God, why wouldn’t her heart slow down?  Trying to force herself to relax as he’d requested, she let her head fall back against his shoulder.  She heard him whisper, “That’s it.”


And then he slid his finger down her slit.  Oh.  Okay.  Oh, yeah.  So…that felt really nice.  Yeah, she’d have no problems focusing on the sensations he was going to create.  That felt spectacular.


Another stroke.  Oh, God, yeah.  Yeah.  Her last boyfriend had gone down on her a couple of times and it had felt nice, but he’d assaulted her with his tongue, and the sensations had been nice but overwhelming, and she hadn’t relaxed.  No.  She’d been quite tense, in spite of the good feelings.


Blaze, though, he was taking it slow as though he hadn’t a care in the world.  Another stroke, and she had plenty of time to think about it, enjoy it, let the music wash over her while she could take in a deep breath of air and relish what was going on.


Okay, so maybe she’d been wrong.  Maybe this was a fucking awesome idea, and she couldn’t wait to talk about it with her roommates.  It was—




Holy shit.  She’d just let a noise escape her mouth.  Well, it wasn’t like she could have stopped it.  It was feeling so damn—


A gasp.  Wow.  What the hell was he doing?  She didn’t want him to stop.  It was amazing.  Each time his finger moved up and down over her, she could tell now that something was imminent.  If he kept doing it, something was going to happen.  She was building to something that was going to blow her mind, that much she knew now, and she wouldn’t have wanted him to quit for anything.


That was when she felt his warm lips on her neck, kissing her.  Somehow he knew what to do to make her feel incredible, because his lips just added to whatever the hell he was doing below.  Her breath was coming in gasps now, deep, hitting the bottom of her lungs as she drew each one in, and she could feel some weird connection between her clit and her brain.  They were working in unison now and the world outside her house might have been burning down for all she knew and cared, because now her whole world was Blaze.


No.  Make that his finger.


No.  Not just his finger.  His lips.  His body cupping hers.


And that climb, that delicious, tight climb up to somewhere unknown…

                                                                        My review

I personally dont think ive laughed so hard in my life. alot of ppl are saying it was hard to get Into and they werent sure about this story but I for one enjoyed this story very much. When I first seen the name of the book I really wasn't too sure about what it would be like. And I really wasn't going to bother picking it up . But seriously I am so glad I did I was able to read this book in one sitting and loved every minute of it. The story line is unlike anything I have ever read. And lets face it these days its better to have a completely out there in your face story line. This book made me laugh so hard my stomach hurt , You really do feel for the characters you feel like your along side with them on this great journey. I absolutely loved the main characters . This book is definitely worth picking up you wont be disappointed. ..

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