Sunday, July 20, 2014

A1pha Part 2 : WIN ME by Blue Ashcroft

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5 star rating
Win me : Part 2 of A1pha
Blue Ashcroft.
Important! Win Me is #2 in an episodic romance series. Read #1 (Play Me) before moving on:

Life isn't easy with when you live in a house with three guys, but former gamer girl Kira is trying to adjust. When she ran from an abusive relationship to hide with her old gaming teammates, she wasn't expecting life to get so complicated. Between jealousies erupting among the men and the complicated sexual tension between her and her ex crush, gorgeous pro gamer A1pha, Kira isn't sure she made the right decision in coming back.

But the choice might not be hers for much longer, because her abusive ex Nate just showed up at the mansion, and he's determined not to go home empty handed.

Important note from the author!
The A1pha novellas are part of an episodic serial romance about Kira and her three hot, nerdy housemates. Each instalment will be released one to two weeks apart, and announced first to my mailing list here:
Hope you enjoy!
My review
I was given a copy of this from the author for an honest review , And I just want to say OMG! I honestly didn't think the book could get any better , but after being left with the cliff hanger ending in part one I was desperate for this one. The story line is so amazing and I am really not sure how good I can actually say it is in words. Blue did an amazing job bring more drama and secret into this part of A1pha . We learn more about the quiet held back gamer and his band of friends .And once again we are left hanging so please be aware of that. If you really enjoy a good down to earth gamer story with drama , love and confusion you really need to pick up this book . Not to mention I haven't laughed so hard at a book before . There is one part that I read over and over just to make sure I got it right and every time I couldn't stop laughing . Well worth picking this book up . don't forget to show your love to the author share and pimp her work.

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