Friday, June 20, 2014

Dark Innocence by Madeline Pryce

                                      5 out of 5 stars


Hannah Grey will do anything to escape the tortured memories haunting her. Every breath brings back the pain, the fear and the unbearable knowledge that she’ll never be the once-perfect girl everyone thought her to be. When the self-destructive fog of drugs, alcohol and meaningless sex starts to clear, Dante, a lion shifter sexier than sin itself, emerges through the darkness ready to rescue her for the second time in so many weeks.
In the safety of Dante’s embrace, Hannah allows herself to become the woman she’s always wanted to be—smart, sexy, capable and empowered. His every touch electrifies. His hot, hungry kisses set her senses ablaze. As Dante masters her body, Hannah finally finds the strength to master her fears.

Perfection shatters as threats from a mysterious vampire escalate from anonymous phone calls to violent encounters. When Hannah’s enemies unite, placing both her and Dante in mortal peril, she’s going to need her new found strength to face the coming darkness and save the man she loves.

                                       My review 

This story was a all niter for me , i couldn't seem to be able to put it down . This story follows the story of Hannah and her struggle to try to move on after being tortured . As the description says but this book is fantastic and once again you don't expect the book to take you were did does . Dante is 15 yrs older then her but she cant seem to be able to keep her mind or heart for that matter from wanting him . She struggles with the love that she lost and trying to move on makes it extremely hard for her . I loved Dante , his character really is that alpha male that needs the dominance he is sweet but also very protective and can be deadly . I loved the action in this book . I left me hanging at every page and I really didn't want to put the book down . At the end of every chapter i was telling myself to put the book down and get some sleep but I really couldnt then once the book was finished I was craving more. Madeline is a fantastic author who writes fantastic stories and i highly recommend reading all of her books. 


  1. Wow!!! Thank you so much for the fabulous review <3 I would apologize for keeping you up all night, but.... I'm not sorry!! Haha <3 so glad you are enjoying the series :-D

    1. Oh love it i did and trust me it was well worth the lack of sleep lol