Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Heart of a player by Jack Gallow

His body has a way of getting what it needs, but his heart isn't satisfied...Roman leads a busy life of banging hot babes and late night escapades. His two best friends, however, could use a little help in the lady department. We meet the three of them as they embark on a wild night out to celebrate Roman's birthday.Roman is a player for sure, but now that he's turning thirty he begins to suspect that there is more to life. Heart Of A Player takes you inside the mind of a man as he searches for love in the modern world of fast hookups and heartless romance.This is the first volume in an ongoing serial. Please note that each volume will be approximately 40 pages in length and is not intended to stand alone as a novel

Ok I loved this book I am not going to sugar coat it but I did , I loved how this was written from the males point of view and i have to say I ended up having a very weak spot for Mac. The Characters in this story are fantastically written . The men are men is every way and it was really good to see that side of Roman coming to the surface . couldn't help but laugh my head off at some of the way things were played out . I wish i could tell you my favorite bits but I really don't want to spoil the story please trust me and pick up this book you really wont be disappointed with it . Jack Gallow is a fantastic author and i cant wait for the next installment . Oh and heads up you need to read the authors note at the end love how down to earth Jack is . 

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