Sunday, August 13, 2017

A stardance summer

A Stardance Summer (Eternity Springs, #13)A Stardance Summer by Emily March
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Emily is normally a fantastic author and one I will pick up without reading the blurb. This book however didn't hit the par of her others. I loved the story at the start and was drawn into the book within the first few chapters. However, I found it hard to hold onto that love as the story went on.
It was drawn out and sometimes boring. The plotline it self was amazing but there was too much going on as sometimes. We had the drama of Lili and her work. We also had the drama of one of the main characters dealing with a serious medical issue. (This I loved)
Lili's character annoyed me with her back and forth with Brick. She was doing the exact same things to him that she hated with him at when she knew him as MARK. Then throw into the mix that her father also was dealing with a medical thing and that is why they turned their backs on her. Plus Bricks 'sister'stealing from him and it was too much for one book. I was disappointed with this book. I wish that Emily would have stuck to the way she normally keeps it simple with just a splash of excitement.

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