Friday, November 14, 2014

Cold Heat

Book: Cold Heat
Author: LeeAnne White
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Leaving Las Vegas, and the reach of her abusive ex-husband, to face a huge winter storm was probably not the smartest thing Kaylie should have done, but with her gut screaming at her to go now, she sets off to find a new life on the other side of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.
Retired Navy officer Drake Givens is creeping his was toward his home in the mountains when he comes across a car already being covered by the quickly accumulating snow. Finding a dazed and cold woman inside the car leaves him honor bound to help her.
As they are getting to know one another, Kaylie’s ex is ready for revenge and is getting closer to finding it.

My Review

First off I would like to thank the author for allowing me to review this book I loved every minute of it. I love a story with more twists and turns then a spinning top. Kaylie is a fantastic lead female role, strong willed, damaged and stubborn, I fell in love with her character right off the bat. This for me was a fast read and I was unable to put this down. I love the plot , the danger and love story that is all rolled into one. A fantastic read and well worth the 5 star rating. 
Thank you 

Author Bio
LeeAnne is a strong woman, mother, daughter, and sister, who recently discovered that dreams are there to be lived even if it means radical change in life. Now when she isn't found introducing men to the subtleties and magic of DIY projects she equips women with words and power. Or she is cursing her gym coach called sadist.

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