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Perfect Alignment
K.B Alan
5 star review

Erotica, romance


*Copy was provided for an honest review*
*Story not intended for readers under 18, Book talks about BDSM, M/M *

When Emma gets pulled over for speeding, the last thing she expects is for the cop to decide that his handcuffs would look a lot better on her than they do on his belt. Maybe her plan to own her sexuality by wearing a BDSM necklace wasn't her best idea. Then again, seeing the heat in the man's eyes as he orders her out of her car, maybe it was the best idea she's ever had.

Drew can't believe the risk he takes when he makes a move on the speeder in the convertible, but she's damn near irresistible. When their encounter turns into an amazing afternoon of play, he knows he has to keep seeing her, even if it goes against all the rules he's set for himself.

Neither Emma nor Drew is in the right place to start a relationship, so they agree to keep playing as long as they're having fun together. And they are having a lot of fun together, especially when Drew's best friend comes to town. Two men, one woman, and a sailboat. A recipe for pleasure, but how do Emma and Drew keep their hearts from wanting more than their practical lives are willing to deliver?


My Review.
Seriously what isn't there to like about this book, the start pulls you in right away. I didn't realise that when I started this book is was number 2 in the series but that didn't seem to matter, I was able to pick up the story line, right away. I loved this book for many reasons. First was the whole storyline itself. Where two people come together for a common love of something in common, add to that the fact that this brings them closer together and the two find themselves falling in love with each other. Insert a hot few weeks with the guys heartbroken best friend. And you have one very hot story line. The characters are written so well and as I have said the story line is fantastic.
Andrew (Drew) is a Dom in hiding and finds it hard to have time for this life style with the job he has. He is a police officer and doesn't want to be found out. He isn't looking for anything long term he just wants something on the side until he meets Emma. He pulls Emma over in the police car after catching her speeding, she blows him away with the way she responds to getting a ticket and he finds his needs coming to the surface.
Emma is a care free female who works in a coffee shop, she has a very open mind and is open to all things with her sexuality. She buys a BDSM necklace from the club she is a member of to remind her to enjoy her last year before moving back home with her parents as she needs to be the perfect daughter. She isn't so much looking for anything long term but finds herself craving what her boss Taryn has. Taryn is married to two males and is very happy in this situation. Emma wants that sort of fit, wants to have that love that respect.
They both seem to fit with each other and enjoy the threesome that they have together. They don't realise that the respect they have for each other is turning into so much more than they expected and it seems to blow them both away with it.
This book is a hot and spicy read with that all too real romance to go with it. If you do not enjoy to read anything BDSM, or anything with M/M involved this book is not for you.
The author deserves the 5 star rating and I for one cannot wait to pick up the next book.
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