Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Night Fall: What Rises must Fall (Wolf Sirens #3) by Tina Smith

                                            5 star rating

# Warning you are going to need tissues , something for a sore throat (from yelling ) and your favourite word during this book is going to be OMG .


Uncover what Happens after Dark in Shade... In the rainy valley the sky is covered by cloud as the Thunder God wars with his son, Apollo. As dusk descends the wolves haunt the forest. A crescent moon rises and all days are nights for the huntress, until the ancient battle is won. What lurks beneath the surface in the heartlands of myth and reality is a tale as insidious and devious as the wolves themselves. The sun has not yet set forever on a love that has defied time in a valley cursed for centuries. Lila has nothing to lose, except for the one thing that means everything. The unwilling heroine with a chip on her shoulder treads between two worlds on a path of inescapable fate that the Goddess has chosen for her. Lila must follow a dark path towards a war that no one can win. Suspicions rage as the fight takes her into the belly of the beast. Lives will be lost in a vicious clash. Who will be left standing after the fray? The hunter's legacy must be fulfilled in a vivid tale of heartbreak and betrayal as what rises must fall and those that have fallen must find the strength to rise again. No one will emerge unscathed.

I honestly did not think I would be able to say that I loved this one more then the first two but holy hell . This book is fantastic . I was given a copy of this from Tina to leave a honest review , And I am so glad that I can say without a doubt that I absolutely love this story the way it was written is so different then the other two ,  I read this book in less then 12 hrs I couldn't put it down . I was actually reading this while cooking and cleaning that's how much I loved it . Not to mention that I also picked up book 4 straight away .
I wont tell anything about the story line because really you need to read it for yourself.As with the previous two books in the series, there is some local mythology or legend at the beginning of the book. Which once again I loved . This helps set the mood for the story.When I started this book, never would I have guessed how it ended. Never.
The book makes you feel like it is all happening around you like it is going to jump up off the page . I love this one . The series just gets better and better as it goes along .
Well done Tina Smith on a fantastic series .

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